Across The Western Ocean (D,3)
Beyond The Sea
Bridge Over Troubled Water (G,3)
Captain Smith (Titanic song)
Drunken Sailor (Am,2)
Hills of Isle Au Haut (D,5)
Jamaica Farewell (C)
Last Trawl
Leaving of Liverpool
New York Girls (D)
On We Sail (G)
Sail Away (5)
Sailing (C,4)
Sailor (C)
Sailors All (D)
Sailors Prayer (D,2)
Seafarer (D, 3)
Sloop John B (F)
South Australia
Stranger On The Shore (D)
Strike The Bell (A,2 or C)
The Bergen
We'll Meet Again
Winds and Tides Permitting (D,2)
Windy Old Weather
With You Beside (D)
Year of ‘39
Yellow Submarine (D,2)